Gothenburg University

Blockchain Lab (GU-Blab, is a part of the Swedish Center for Digital Innovation (SCDI, located at the department of Applied Information Technology (, University of Gothenburg. The University of Gothenburg is 126 years old, has 30,000+ students, 6000+ employees across 8 faculties and is one of the leading universities in northern Europe ( GU-Blab brings extensive knowledge Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) in public services.

Through the BLING project, GU-Blab will:

  • co-create new knowledge and pilots
  • get access to interesting environment for investigating and co-creating pilots, knowledge and insights.
  • scale the GU-Blab DLT team Grow Blab with a dedicated team focusing on DLT with the specific application within the Government sector.
  • boost student driven entrepreneurship endeavors within the domain of DLT.

GU-Blab will lead work to review progress in delivery and local capacity for blockchain-enabled services, and enables BLING to bring together knowledge of activities across relevant domains in the NSR, mapping deployment and skills and producing toolkits/readiness assessment scorecard. GU is highly experienced in the use of DLT in services, and is expert advisor on digitization to the Offices of Government/Min. of Finance.

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