Edinburgh University: Edinburgh College of Art (ECA)

ECA is part of the University of Edinburgh which has significant expertise in the development of blockchain and blockchain-related systems, as evidenced by the Blockchain Research Lab (in partnership with IOHK). The Centre for Design Informatics has extensive competence in fintech and distributed ledgers with Internet of Things, evidenced through participation in the PETRAS IoT Hub, the award of an AHRC Hub in Creative Informatics.

The organization benefits by being able to carry out further deployments of technology we are currently developing, in particular our blockchain location system. This will help us generate impact based on research work that is maturing from an early stage of development. The University of Edinburgh is developing a proof of concept blockchain based location system, that allows 1) decentralised storage of verified locations and 2) smart contracts to be written based on location information.

Design Informatics (DI) is closely linked with the Informatics Department at Edinburgh, which is Europe’s largest computer science department and a world-class research centre. The DI-team will work to move our academic tools and proof of concepts into local government environments. We will leverage our existing work on blockchain location to support Sestran’s pilot on logistics and delivery.


Edinburgh College of Art
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