City of Roeselare

During 2013-2018 the development of public services was a strategic priority for the city of Roeselare. We worked hard in various areas: creating a new organizational structure, merging city services and welfare services, and developing new concepts for services. Plans for 2019-2024 are now being prepared and the city wants to focus even more on technologies that ensure that employees can focus on customers, and on providing innovative ways for the new city office to function.

A vision and strategy to implement blockchain in support of new and future public services, delivering proven new public services that utilize blockchain, and allowing employees to invest more time in quality engagement with residents who need it.

Roeselare is at the start of our Blockchain journey, and will use BLING to help us develop a vision and strategy for new blockchain-enabled services. Starting from our work on e-government will aim to increase awareness of the possibilities of blockchain in government and prototype new blockchain-enabled services for staff and citizens.


Stad Roeselare
Botermarkt 2
8800 Roeselare