City of Gent

Gent is a university town and cultural hub in northwest Belgium. Gent is the newest BLING partner and aims to introduce automatization into its energy loan to consumers. This automatization should be improved by experimenting and using blockchain. 

Gent believes that by utilizing blockchain, they could increase the understanding and use of the technology, but also gain insights in the framework (juridical, financial, organisation) for implementing and change processes. It challenges the City of Gent to reach out to other stakeholders and further develop appropriate processes in the energy loan. During this pilot the are taking into account the connection of the different databases and the added social value for the lenders.

The technology is promising for an cost-effective upscaling of the energy loan and improve an accessible social energy loan. The result of this pilot is a proof of concept of already 100 testcases. The insights in this pilot will help  the City of Gent to further elaborate the organisation of the energy loan, by e.g. changing and optimising internal processes. 



Stad Gent

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