City of Antwerp

Antwerp has already developed 4 proof of concepts (POCs) that use blockchain technology to support service delivery. In BLING, Antwerp will develop services that utilize ‘self-sovereign identity’, which provides a platform for users to create a verifiable identity – that they control – which services can use in transactions. Various aspects of the ‘self-sovereign identity’ needs to be developed: e.g. risk of personal identifiers on the BC; sharing info with third parties, connecting personal data.

Blockchain helps us to simplify and automate back-office processes in order to get civil servants more ‘into the field’ and in direct contact with the citizens. The role of a third party only controlling, verifying or copying does not create value for the citizen, certainly not in a world where real-time service is expected. The city of Antwerp wants its citizens to take ownership of their personal data, compliant with GDPR, including autonomy on deciding which personal data to share.

Antwerp wants to be the testing ground for the project Identity and more specifically the ‘self-sovereign identity’. Antwerp can lead the specific testing ground for the project about containing and sharing personal data (with applications such as ‘moving house’ and ‘course of life’). We will work together with the Flemish agency Informatie Vlaanderen and the Flemish ICT organization for local governments.



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