Aalborg University

We are a strong research environment in intelligent transport, tracking data analysis, big data analysis and studies of freight transport, both from a transport, business and logistics perspective. A growing focus in our research is the business models behind new technological solutions in the transport field, and the potentials of new types of technologies.

This project is highly interesting for us for two reasons. First, we will contribute to the identification and development of the new ways of using blockchain to optimize freight transport through better service provision from public authorities. Secondly, we see BLING as an opportunity to create scientific knowledge that has a positive impact upon the transport sector, particularly in the case of this project to help create better government services for companies in the freight industry.

Our role is to explore through the two pilots how blockchain technologies can be used to increase the quality of services provided from Government to Businesses (G2B) around freight transport in and around ports and cities. This is an important complement to the other pilots in the project which predominantly focus at Government to Citizen (G2C) services.



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