Tineke Smegen

Tineke Smegen is EU Interreg Coordinator at the Province of Drenthe and is specialized in Interreg North Sea Region, North West Europe and Interreg Europe projects. She is currently working in her fourth Interreg period and is the Lead Manager of the Stronghouse and Surflogh project.

1. How is the province of Drenthe involved in blockchain; can you tell us a bit about your (latest) developments? 


In the first phase of BLING the province commissioned the Blockchainlab Drenthe to stimulate blockchain technology in the region. This has worked out very well countless people have been informed about blockchain. In this last phase we are connecting the IT-hub Hoogeveen with the Blockchainlab to stimulate and inform enterprise from the region on the Blockchain technology and possibilities.

2. Which blockchain topics do you find the most interesting or promising?

First, I am not a Blockchain expert, my knowledge has mainly come from being part of the BLING project and from what I've seen and heard. I am very impressed with the technology and am following developments more closely now. The apps developed in this project (Attendancy, Energieknip) by Blockchainlab Drenthe are very promising. I think its design and development will be the foundation for a lot of applications and “useful” apps to come.

3. What is the most valuable lesson you have learned so far by working together with international partners in this European project?

As an Interreg coordinator I work in several Interreg projects. Once again, BLING shows that when you bring together people from different fields and countries from different perspectives (government, business, knowledge institutions etc.) on a particular topic, it often leads to surprising and new insights and faster solutions.