Jörgen Dehlin

Jörgen Dehlin is project curator at the department of Community Affairs for the Administrative Board of Skåne in Sweden. He will tell us more about his interest in blockchain and Skåne's role in the BLING project.

How is the County Administrative Board of Skåne involved in blockchain; can you tell us a bit about your (latest) developments?

The County Administrative Board of Skåne, in the very south of Sweden, is a regional management and development authority working under the Swedish government. We work with many different policy areas; one of them is digitalization. Here we have seen that the blockchain can be an important tool for contributing to civic influence and democracy development, and this is where we put our focus.

Which blockchain topics do you find the most interesting or promising?

When we talk about the blockchain today, it is very much about creating hard economic values; for example, various forms of cryptocurrency. We want to shift the focus to the soft values that the blockchain can develop. The dialogue with the citizens is a basic precondition for society to develop and function. Here digital tools are becoming increasingly important; and one of these is the blockchain. Within the framework of BLING we will test how the blockchain can be used for applications, consultations, polls or as a proposal box in urban development projects.

What is the most valuable lesson you have learned so far by working together with international partners in this European project?

What has impressed me the most is the thematic breadth of the various projects conducted within the framework of BLING. And, of course, the enormous expertise that the project partners show.