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14 partners working together on innovative customer services solutions

Could the technology of Blockchain provide a solution to governmental problems? Can public service delivery of the municipality be improved by means of this promising technology? Could governmental organisations increase their planning by implementing Blockchain?

The BLING project will, by combining the expertise of knowledge institutions and the playingfield of municipalities and governmental organisations together with businesses and citizens, investigate what role Blockchain can be for governments.

BLING will leverage blockchain's enabling technologies to begin delivering the next generation of innovative services for citizens, communities and SMEs. BLING's partners will move beyond proof of concepts to deliver real services in real live governmental settings: this will allow BLING to accelerate and de-risk the development and deployment of blockchain-enabled services across the North Sea Region.

BLING explores, enables and delivers blockchainbased services for governments. We share our experiences and lessons. You can find our publications here. You can read our series with blockchainexperts here. We add a new interview every month.

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Latest Project News

The BLINGathon was a fantastic event! Here are the winners:

15 November 2021

The BLINGathon hackaton organized by the 14 Bling project’s partners went well! We had over 137 participants and over 30 teams working on our 4 challe…

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The jury for the BLINGathon and keynote speaker Victoria Gago

11 November 2021

In the weekend of 13 & 14 November the BLINGathon event takes place. A big event where 34 teams and over 140 participants will pick their brains durin…

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Skåne and Copenhagen Business School join forces in researching blockchain for the ‘common’

03 November 2021

On 12 and 13 October, the County Administrative Board of Skåne and the Copenhagen Business School (CBS) met in Copenhagen to plan the joint efforts in…

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Registration for BLINGathon 13&14 November is open!

13 September 2021

On the 13th and 14th of November, the BLING project organizes their international blockchain-hackathon called ‘BLINGathon’. The registration is now op…

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Infographic on scams with cryptocurrencies now available

19 July 2021

How can you recognize scams with (crypto-)investments?

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