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14 partners working together on innovative customer services solutions

Could the technology of Blockchain provide a solution to governmental problems? Can public service delivery of the municipality be improved by means of this promising technology? Could governmental organisations increase their planning by implementing Blockchain?

The BLING project will, by combining the expertise of knowledge institutions and the playingfield of municipalities and governmental organisations together with businesses and citizens, investigate what role Blockchain can be for governments.

BLING will leverage blockchain's enabling technologies to begin delivering the next generation of innovative services for citizens, communities and SMEs. BLING's partners will move beyond proof of concepts to deliver real services in real live governmental settings: this will allow BLING to accelerate and de-risk the development and deployment of blockchain-enabled services across the North Sea Region.

BLING explores, enables and delivers blockchainbased services for governments. We share our experiences and lessons. You can find our publications here. You can read our series with blockchainexperts here. We add a new interview every month.

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Latest Project News

Program BLING Final Conference: Blockchain Works - Lessons from Blockchain in Government

29 March 2023

Are you looking for smarter, secure and more focused ways to provide public services? Over the last 4 years the BLING project has explored the possibi…

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Expert Session Blockchain with Province of Drenthe and City of Groningen

21 March 2023

Back to school! Last week the Province of Drenthe and the City of Groningen organized an inspiring lunch & learn session. Adri Wischmann and Jero…

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Howest offers free technical talk 'How to transition from Web2 to Web3'

20 March 2023

BLING partner, Howest is co-organising the podcast series Web3Walks together with Agoria, UCLouvain, and Blockchain4Belgium. 


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Howest joined Hyperledger as an associate member

20 March 2023

Bling partner, Howest university of applied sciences has joined Hyperledger Foundation as an associate member. Hyperledger is a multi-project open-so…

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Howest takes the lead as the first university to offer a bachelor's degree in Web3 Engineering

20 March 2023

BLING partner, Howest university of applied sciences, will launch an English-taught bachelor major Web3 Engineer in Bruges, Belgium. The major is the…

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