Working on safer traffic solutions for bicycles in Zwolle

02 February 2021 - Published by Matteo Candelari

The bicycle has proven to be a solution to challenges such as road congestion, pollution and health problems that threaten the quality of life in urban areas. More cycling data is needed to position the bicycle even better. That is also the case when it comes to safety. After all, the more we know about bicycles and cyclists and their behavior, the better we can take effective measures to make roads safer for bicycles. In addition, smart applications can be devised to provide the help with this data. One smart solution to the challenge of safety is taking a step forward in Zwolle and it regards the tender for a camera system on crossroads where we know a lot of accidents involving bicycles occur.

Road Safety

This tender concerns the Road Safety pilot which will make it possible for Zwolle to make a conflict analysis. Or so to say: a before and after analysis. In order to achieve this objective, we want to apply at least two different innovation small-scale measures at four intersections in the municipality of Zwolle. Those intersections are locations where accidents involving bicycles occur. And of course we want to change that. But what measures to take and which of those measures will be effective?

Conflict analysis needed

Prior to the application of the measures, we would like to gain insight into the current road safety situation at each intersection via conflict analysis. After applying the measures, we want to map out the road safety situation again. Finally, we would like to receive a final report in which the before and after analysis is compared per intersection. In this way we gain insight into the degree of effectiveness of the measures taken and also get confirmation if the data analysis is really working to get a safer traffic situation.

We are in the tender phase now and are really looking forward to the results. And of course, we will keep you as readers informed.


Roundabout with bicycle lanes to be analyzed by the new system


 Intersection with bicycle lane to be analyzed by the system