University of Oldenburg (VLBA) Presents Bicycle Data Website at International Conference in Italy

22 September 2021 - Published by CIE Communications

The  BITS project (Bicycles and Intelligent Transport Systems) was recently presented at the Living and Walking in Cities LWC Conference. In his talk Johannes Schering of the VLBA department (University of Oldenburg) emphasized the importance of bicycle data for the further uptake of cycling in European cities. In the presentation of his research paper “The BITS Project – Making cycling data available and comparable on a European scale” Johannes presented new cycling Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to make different cites comparable which were developed as part of the website Bicycle Data by the VLBA research team. The hybrid event was hosted by the University of Brescia in Italy.


New cycling KPIs of to make cities and regions comparable were presented as part of the conference (Source: LWC 2021)


As part of the discussion in the interdisciplinary and international panel it became clear that the harmonization process of European cycling data is a huge challenge and could be the basis for follow-up projects. There is no standardization regarding data structures or how to collect cycling data what often makes different regions hardly or not comparable. The research paper was presented as part of the session “Big Data, ITS, and MaaS” which was moderated by Benedetto Barabino from the hosting organization, the University of Brescia.

The LWC International Conference which was organized as a hybrid event as consequence of the pandemic situation traditionally deals with the topics of urban mobility and quality of life in urban areas, with a specific focus on vulnerable road users as pedestrians and cyclists. The LWC Conference allows researchers, experts, administrators, and practitioners to gather and discuss about policy issues, best practices, and research findings from different perspectives. In total, more than 220 authors from 21 countries contributed to the LWC conference. We are expressing our thanks to the organizers for the opportunity to present the BITS project and our research results.


Further information about the Living and Walking in Cities Conference can be found here:


The international Living and Walking in Cities conference 2021 was organized as hybrid event with in presence and online participants (Source: LWC 2021)