The Bike Challenge “cycle to work” starts in Germany

22 June 2021 - Published by Matteo Candelari

As part of the BITS project, baron mobility service gmbh analyses if an app-based gamification approach nudges people to cycle more often. The participants use an app to track the distances cycled. An overview of their own data (speed, km cycled, calorie consumption, CO2 reduction compared to driving a car) enables them to become aware of their own mobility in general and the influence of their mobility behaviour on the CO2 budget.

After the Bicycle Challenge in Oldenburg, this time the focus is on companies and the way to work. Companies can promote sustainable mobility by participating in the Bike Challenge. The Ciclogreen app is intended to motivate employees to cycle more often to work and thereby make an active contribution to climate protection. Employees can unlock awards for their contribution to climate protection and win prizes for using their bike to get to work.

The Bicycle Challenge for Companies is being carried out in cooperation with 16 companies from Germany. It started at the end of May and will run until the beginning of July. In the graphic, the routes cycled so far can be seen.

Every employee of the participating companies who reaches a certain number of kilometres within the Challenge period will take part in a raffle and can win prizes to increase the motivation to ride their bike. Users can also compete and network with other users in ranking lists. In addition, companies can also organise their own internal challenge for their own employees.

Currently, 267 employees from 16 companies are participating and have already cycled 26451 km, saving 6590 kg of CO2 compared to car use.


The aim of the pilot project is to collect cycling data in order to get a better insight into cycling behaviour and to improve mobility analyses. At the same time, there is the important question how to motivate employees to cycle to work more often. As a provider of company bicycles, we have a great interest in involving company partners in the possible use of ITS and thereby supporting sustainable mobility on the way to work. Companies represent an important interface in communication between the employees and their sustainable behaviour. With the implementation, experiences in the use of ITS are to be collected. Important aspects of user-friendliness in the use of ITS can be collected through feedback from the participating companies and the employees.

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