See.Sense partnering with East Riding of Yorkshire Council for the Bicycle library

22 June 2021 - Published by Matteo Candelari

East Riding of Yorkshire Council are pleased to announce that a contract has been awarded to See.Sense for the provision of data collection and ITS services for the Bicycle library which will be launched in Withernsea later in July2021. 

See.Sense is an award-winning UK technology and data company that brings technology and people together to enable more people to cycle.

The East Riding of Yorkshire Council bike library will have 50 bicycles fitted with both the See.Sense sensor data platform to provide near-real time data insights, as well as use the See.Sense light and app to provide a user-interface for the cyclists who loan the bikes.


Data collected includes popular routes, speed, dwell times, plus granular sensor data on swerving, braking and collisions as well as in-app user reports, which will be used by East Riding of Yorkshire Council to inform cycle infrastructure planning, and will also be used by the ‘cycle buddy’ to monitor behaviour change, and provide individualised support to users, such as the creation of travel routes, and to provide them with incentives and assistance to cycle more. Individual ride stats such as calories burned and CO2 saved are also provided to the user in-app.


Helena Moss, Local Growth Programme & Policy Manager for East Riding of Yorkshire Council says, “we are delighted to partner with See.Sense on this project to help us gather data which will give us the data insights needed to effectively monitor the success of the programme, as well as helping us enhance our cycle services and deliver the changes in travel behaviour“.

Irene McAleese, Co-founder and CSO of See.Sense says, ‘We are very excited to be selected to provide the technology platform and data for the bicycle library in Withernsea. As part of the EU-funded Bicycle Intelligent Transport Systems project, the project will provide world-class showcase of applications of connected cycling technology and data, which can be used to address barriers to cycling and help enable more people to cycle”.

Details of the launch of the new bicycle library to follow in the next newsletter.


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