Over 80 experts from 6 countries discuss how data can make cycling safer

25 February 2020 - Published by Matteo Candelari

The Province of Antwerp organized the BITS Academy on Cycle Data on Wednesday 19 February 2020 at the Provinciehuis in Antwerpen hosting more than eighty government representatives and experts from six countries, including Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, United Kingdom, France and Belgium. The aim of the Academy was to share knowledge and experiences about new technologies that generate bicycle data, possibilities of bicycle data systems and the importance of data for a more efficient bicycle policy.

Thanks to the great speakers contributing to the successful academy with the following presentations: From data to wisdom: new technologies and possibilities on creating cycle datasets - Kevin Mayne; Snifferbike in Zwolle - Syb Tjepkema; 3D Cameria in Bornem - Kim Verbeeck; Cycle Data Hub - Steven Soetens; Mobiliteitesdata in Vlaanderen en het National Acces Point - Julie Mariën; Imagination is more important than data - Pieter Morlion.

One of the key take-aways from the meeting was the need for building up a community to share data and experience. It was highlighted that data sets, contexts and regions might be different, but could be compared and re-used. ‘Sharing is caring’ said Kim Verbeeck from Province of Antwerp and those delegates who had open data were invited to contribute to the CycleDataHub (( you would like to share a link to your data, please fill in our online form or for more information contact the Province of Antwerp .

Delegates at the BITS academy