News 2019

Here you can find the 2019 news on the BITS project and other relevant developments in the domain of Cycling and ITS.

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Bicycle and ITS: SnuffelFiets

26 April 2021

This article was originally published in Dutch in MobiliteitsPlatform and can be found .

Mobility, the environment and citizen science, all comes together in the sniffer bike. Almost …

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Business Informatics (VLBA) student team presents results on European open bicycle data

23 April 2021

The Oldenburg University (Business Informatics - VLBA) student project group Bicycle Data recently presented its final results on the analysis of European cycling data to the interested public. The a…

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Interreg 2 Seas SCIFI project and the Carbon 0 Commute Pilot in Bruges

16 March 2021

The Interreg 2 Seas aims to activate the market for innovative solutions to improve public service delivery in medium-sized cities using open data. Delft, Mechelen, Bruges and Saint…

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ECOSense: how bike sensors can contribute to improve cycle infrastructure

15 March 2021

As the Corona pandemic has shown, there is a growing demand in the improvement of the bicycle infrastructure. In order to be able to keep sufficient distance, people are increasingly avoiding public …

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Flanders are the second bike region in Europe with Denmark

15 March 2021

Results of the Bicycle DNA Flanders and the Flemish research on travel behaviour

The results on the most recent Flemish research on travel behaviour show that people in Flanders cycle as much a…

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Gelderland opens bicycle dashboard

15 March 2021

This article was originally published in Dutch by Fietsberaad/CROW and can be found .

The province of Gelderland has compiled a large amount of bicycle data in an online bicycle dashboard.…

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VLBA students present Bicycle Data Dashboard to European partners

15 March 2021

As part of the Interreg project BITS (Bicycles and Intelligent Transport Systems), the sixth internal project meeting (Steering Group Meeting) took place at the beginning of March.

The stu…

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Better flow for cyclists thanks to link with ITS technology

03 February 2021

Thanks to a link between advanced cycling radar and smart traffic control systems, cyclists in Utrecht (NL) can now ride faster and safer through green lights. In the pilot ‘Bicycle Peloton Recognit…

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Despite corona, still an increase in cycling in the Province of Antwerp in 2020

02 February 2021

The Provincial Cycle Barometer analyses the cycle counting, cycle behaviour and cycle infrastructure for 2020.

The Provincial Cycle Barometer of the Province of Antwerp analysed all cycle route…

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