MicroTraffic nominated for the National Road Safety Award in The Netherlands

27 May 2022 - Published by CIE Communications

By Ronald Jorna

Road Safety Award

Early 2022, 30 road safety ideas were submitted for the National Road Safety Award 2022 in The Netherlands. Out of these 30 candidates only three were nominated for the Road Safety Award, i.e.

  •        Safe Cycling for Elderly
  •        Conflict Analysis (Microtraffic)
  •        CyclePathfinder.

On 14th of April, at the National Road Safety Conference in Utrecht, the project ‘Safe Cycling for elderly’ was selected as the winning concept. It is a bicycle with two tilting wheels at the front and a low seat to make getting on and off the bike safer for elderly people.

Conflict Analysis

The ‘Conflict Analysis Tool’ of MicroTraffic ranked 2nd, together with the CyclePathfinder. The MicroTraffic conflict analysis tool was demonstrated at three intersections in Zwolle as part of the Interreg NSR funded BITS project.

The jury stated on the Conflict Analysis tool: "This innovative way of analyzing road safety quickly and effectively at intersections used to require a lot of manual work." Fully automated conflict analysis (between cars and cyclists/pedestrians) provides valuable information and insight into near accidents in Amsterdam, Dordrecht, Fryslân, Koggeland, Rijswijk, Vlissingen and Zwolle. For this, video recordings at an intersection (minimum 60 hours of footage) are analyzed with unique Artificial Intelligence software from MicroTraffic©. All road users, traffic flows, traffic movements, driven speeds and encounters are included. With this application subjective road safety is made objective.

The MicroTraffic Safety Analysis tool is also included in the BITS directory, together with many other ITS applications for cycling.