MegaBITS Application Approved

05 July 2022 - Published by CIE Communications

On 28 June 2022 the Monitoring Committee of the Interreg North Sea Region Programme met to discuss the Expressions of Interest (EoI) submitted under the first call of the new Interreg North Sea Region Programme. One of the Expressions of Interest submitted was MegaBITS: Mobilizing Europe’s Green Ambition through Bicycles and Intelligent Transport Systems. The Monitoring Committee approved 13 expressions of interest from a total of 18 applications - a success rate of 72%. And we are happy to let you know that the MegaBITS proposal was among the approved applications!

Just as in the current BITS project, the Province of Overijssel will be the lead partner in MegaBITS. Demonstrations of advanced cycling ITS will take place in the cities of Zwolle and Enschede (in the Netherlands), in Copenhagen (Denmark), in Hamburg (Germany), in the Province of Antwerp (Belgium) and in two French metropolitan areas, i.e. Communauté Urbaine Le Havre Seine Métropole (CU LHSM) and Rennes Métropole. Each city/region will have a different focus, for example creating a smart cycling corridor, smart bicycle traffic management, improved cycling data, and better connection of cycling with public transport. Two other partners are Cycling Industries Europe, that will be responsible for the communication and the link to the ITS and cycling industry, and Chalmers University of Technology that will be responsible for the evaluation, recommendations and replication of the ITS implementations.

Following the approval of the Expression of Interest of MegaBITS, we will now start working on the Full Proposal, with a submission deadline on 14th of November 2022. We hope to kick-off the new project early 2023.