Gelderland opens bicycle dashboard

15 March 2021 - Published by Matteo Candelari

This article was originally published in Dutch by Fietsberaad/CROW and can be found here.

The province of Gelderland has compiled a large amount of bicycle data in an online bicycle dashboard. It contains all kinds of counts and studies in the field of cycling since 2014.

The bicycle dashboard contains data about the main cycling network with the most important cycling routes in Gelderland. Also, counting data is available for provincial cycle paths, fast cycle routes and municipal cycle paths, as well as the share of cycle trips in the province and regions. The GPS cycling data collected by Cycle Print can also be found. Furthermore, statistics on cycling accidents are available, and finally, there is an overview of cycling projects that have been realised with provincial funding.

The province of Brabant has had a similar Dashboard Bicycle for some time now. It provides information about cycling in Brabant, from the share of cycling in total journeys to reasons for cycle trips. It also provides counting data from the permanent bicycle counting points and the influence of the weather on the number of bicycle trips. These data can be viewed, combined, and compared on the dashboard site.

Zuid-Holland also has a bicycle dashboard with mainly counting data displayed on an interactive map.

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