Forbes discusses the Research, Barriers and Potential of Beaconization

02 December 2021 - Published by CIE Communications

Beaconization, is equipping bicycles and pedestrians with transponder beacons that can be spotted automatically by sensor-equipped cars. It was given the official seal of approval in the U.S., reveals a tucked away part of the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill passed by the House of Representatives

Part of the Act  formalizes the acceptance of so-called “vehicle to everything” (V2X) technology that, on the face of it, promises enhanced safety on the roads for pedestrians and cyclists. Which will help expand vehicle-to-pedestrian research efforts focused on incorporating bicyclists and other vulnerable road users into the safe deployment of connected vehicle systems. Research shows that detecting cyclists is one of the hardest things that autonomous vehicle developers have had to face.

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