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22 June 2021 - Published by Matteo Candelari

In 2 months time, several parties shared 135 links on the CycleDataHub, the crossroad for bicycle data in Europe.

In the framework of the European BITS project with partners in Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, the United Kingdom and Belgium, the province of Antwerp developed a European crossroad for bicycle data. The
CycleDataHub is a central hub where anyone can add links with cycling related data and discover what other data on cycling are available.

Share your data

All datasets on any of the 6 following themes are welcome and valuable to BITS and the
CycleDataHub: cycle infrastructure, cycle use, health (by cycling), safety (for cyclists), environment/emissions (impact by cycling) and bicycle business performance. At this moment, the CycleDataHub contains mostly data from the BITS partners, and obviously all data that have so far been collected in the BITS pilot projects. Some external contributions however have already surprised us with their innovative content.


With the CycleDataHub the province of Antwerp has created the tool to centralize available cycle data in order to accelerate and enable the development of an European bicycle data policy and bicycle data standards.


CycleDataHub collects datalinks, it is not a database to store your data.

If you want to contribute, your data should already be on an existing website. This principle allows to easily maintain data ownership and responsibility with the data publishers.

The format of your data is not important. The BITS project aims to demonstrate the diversity of formats, to encourage a sensible standardisation and exchangeability of data, so that in the future your data can “communicate” better, more efficiently with other platforms, apps or more generally Intelligent Transport Systems. This means that by sharing your datalinks, you contribute to the future flexibility of cycle data.

If you are a commercial stakeholder, consider sharing a weblink to your website where you demonstrate your product how you prefer: with visuals, a sample of your data, or an API with restricted access and of course your contact details. We can, for the moment on email request, visualise your datalink with your logo.

You can easily register your weblink via this survey or the QR code below. A minimal of details are required, but more tags will lead to better search results in the CycleDataHub.


Once validated your datalink will become visible and discoverable on the CycleDataHub.

If your data is stored as ArcGIS online content, consider requesting membership of the CycleDataHub Content Group. You could alternatively also go through this short survey or the QR code below, we’ll invite you. As a member, you can share your selection of ArcGIS online content with the CycleDataHub Content Group directly. It is encouraged to use the mandatory tags as explained on the CycleDataHub Content Group, since this will link your data to any of the selected 6 themes.


For both options, a minimal of information is required, but keep in mind that more tags will lead to better search results in the CycleDataHub.  

Both options (with or without ArcGIS online access) can also be found on the CycleDataHub homepage, below the map.


If you have more questions regarding the CycleDataHub or difficulties with contributing a datalink, don’t hesitate and contact us at

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