Dynamic lighting at industrial area Hessenpoort in Zwolle

05 December 2022 - Published by CIE Communications

Safe and comfortable use of new cycling paths by night with an eye for the environment, that has been possible in Zwolle since last year. The recently constructed cycle paths around the industrial area of Hessenpoort have been fitted with dynamic lighting as part of Interreg's BITS project.


The cycle paths that have been created run along the edge of the industrial area as well as along an ecological zone. Near such an ecological zone, it is important that there is as little light nuisance as possible because of the flora and fauna in this area. At the same time, road safety and social safety cannot not be compromised. An innovative solution has been chosen for this by means of dynamic lighting. This dynamic lighting uses sensors to detect cyclists. If there are no cyclists, the lighting automatically switches back to the minimum level, thus creating as little nuisance as possible for the environment. However, when a cyclist is detected, the light intensity is increased temporarily so that the cyclist can use the cycle path safely and comfortably.


Employees of the companies on the industrial area of Hessenpoort have been approached for an evaluation. Although the evaluation did not show that the cycle path is being used substantially more, users do indicate that due to the dynamic lighting they experience the cycle path as more pleasant.