Cycling is one of the top 10 global technology trends for 2020 - but which cycling tech?

17 February 2020 - Published by CIE Communications

Global consulting giant Deloitte has published its Technology, Media, and Telecommunications Predictions for 19 years, an annual insight that has become an eagerly awaited resource for the technology and media sector.

However, the 2020 edition has caused a stir right across the mobility sector too, because alongside artificial intelligence and new satellite technologies they concluded that the bike is one of their select 10 technologies for 2020. Boldly the report suggests that commuter cycling could double in many cities as soon as 2023 as new technologies make bikes easier to ride, more publicly accessible and safer.

It is exciting to see that the technologies predicted by the report to be critical for cycling growth are the ones that are at the core of BITS project: electrification, new digital tools and use of data.

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) provide the connectivity that gives cycling its place in the real technology revolution. The report says that thanks to cyclist-specific smart mobility platforms based on aggregated user data, cyclists can have real-time information about road conditions, building sites, unexpected incidents and time estimation of journeys. In future accelerometers, gyroscopes and action cameras can be used to detect a crash, thus helping to make cycling safer. Deloitte also highlights that digital innovation will have a longer-term effect by enabling better infrastructures for cyclists because urban planners can benefit from data and analytics to develop bicycle-friendly solutions


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