Ciclogreen: the new gamification app that makes cycling more attractive

14 April 2020 - Published by Matteo Candelari

As part of the BITS project, baron mobility service GmbH, a company offering bike leasing for companies, found a partner for implementing a gamification app for nudging people to cycle more often. After a tendering process, the company based in Oldenburg (Germany) chose the Spanish app Ciclogreen to jointly carry out their pilot project.

The purpose of the app is to encourage the citizens of Oldenburg to ride their bikes more often by collecting a virtual currency for every kilometer cycled. This currency can then be exchanged for vouchers at different local stores, restaurants or cafés. It is also planned that citizens can participate in different challenges to collect even more of the virtual currency. Moreover, the app shall also collect cycling data in order to get a better insight into cycling behavior. The collected cycling data is going to be analyzed by the BITS project partner University of Oldenburg.

Besides the implementation of the app in the city of Oldenburg, baron mobility service GmbH also plans to introduce the app at some of their corporate clients. The app shall provide incentives to employees to use their bikes more often on their way to work. Baron mobility service GmbH plans to implement the app in August 2020. The project shall run for approximately one year.