BITS project roadshow across Europe

31 May 2022 - Published by CIE Communications

May and June are busy months for the Communication Team of the BITS project. The project is presenting results on four conferences in four countries in four weeks. A roadshow about bicycles and ITS.

23-29th of May

Last week the Bicycles and ITS (BITS) project was presented by Ronald Jorna (province of Overijssel) at the North Sea Conference in Bruges (Belgium), as part of the ‘projects in sight’ session.

30th of May – 5th of June

This week colleagues of the BITS project will present the BITS project at the ITS European Congress 2022 in Toulouse (France). In the session ‘Smart cycling: how to make multimodal mobility mainstream’ Victoire Champenois (EC/DG MOVE), Wim Dijkstra (Province of Overijssel), Samuel Pierce, (CIE) and Niko Stieldorf (Swarco) will discuss the role of cycling and ITS in facilitating a multi-modal approach to urban mobility.

Also this week Else Tutert (Province of Overijssel) and Kim Verbeeck (Province of Antwerp) will present findings of the BITS project at the Dutch National Cycling Conference in Enschede (The Netherlands). Else’s presentation will focus on how ITS can help to make cycling more attractive (safer, faster, more convenient, …), whereas Kim’s presentation will show the importance of collecting and sharing cycling data for the provincial bicycle barometer, for the cycling highway website, for the CylceDataHub (BITS) and for the dashboard cycle counting.

13-19th of June

On 14-17 June the BITS project results will be communicated at the Velo-city 2022 conference in Ljubljana (Slovenia) with a dedicated session on procurement of ITS. Hanne Van Dyck (Province of Antwerp) and Cycling Industries Europe will represent the BITS project. At the same time the Smart Pedal Pitch competition will be held, co-organised by the BITS project.

19-25th of June

CIE and the City of Aarhus organize the BITS Academy on Smart Traffic Management for cycling, on 23rd of June in Aarhus, Denmark, from 13:00 to 17:30. The Academy will deal with the ITS solutions for traffic management that facilitate the use of cycling, focusing on the successful experience of Danish municipalities and bringing in the expertise of traffic management business operators. Read more and register here.