BITS extension: building on success!

22 June 2021 - Published by Matteo Candelari


The BITS (Bicycles and ITS) project is in full swing, with 23 implementations in various stages of development, from initial stage to fully operational. In the past two years we have seen a strong demand for additional implementations and opportunities. Therefore, in March 2021 the BITS project applied for an extension of 9 months, until December 2022. On June 15th our proposal for extension of the BITS project was accepted by the Interreg North Sea Region Steering Committee.

Why an extension of the BITS project?

When we started the BITS project, ITS for cycling was a totally new domain. Two years later the topic has gained momentum and we have seen and contributed to various developments, for example:

  • The growing importance of and demand for cycling data;
  • The emerging of many new companies offering ITS services for cycling;
  • New policy developments impacting the field of cycling and ITS (Green Deal, mobility data space, delegated regulation on MMTIS, coordination mechanism for National Access Points, (lack of) data standards for cycling, ...);
  • Increased interest in cycling all over Europe due to COVID19.

Extension in four directions

In order to deliver added value compared to the original BITS project, we have submitted a plan to extend the project in four directions:

  1. Geographical scope: four new cities in province of Overijssel (Deventer, Enschede, Hardenberg, Kampen) and four new towns in East Riding of Yorkshire Council (Howden, Goole, Market Weighton, Pocklington).
  2. Technological scope: innovative ways to influence intelligent traffic lights, innovative ways of counting cyclists, shared/rental bikes and hubs, integrated with environmental sensors, bicycles with noise sensors, urban dashboard for cycling data.
  3. New partners: City of Oldenburg, Deelfiets Nederland and Cycledata.
  4. Increase of project impact: a Virtual Cycling and ITS Cluster and additional communication activities.

With this extension we will not only be able to increase the level of cycling, and thus reduce CO2 emissions, during the lifetime of the project, but we will also increase the long-lasting effect of the project after the project ends.

With the extension the BITS project partners will invest an additional € 721.774 in cycling ITS, of which 50% will be funded for 50% by the Interreg North Sea Region programme.