Bike Buddies kicks off in Overijssel

01 March 2022 - Published by CIE Communications

On 28 February 2022, the Bike Buddies campaign was kicked off by Twente Mobiel and Region Zwolle Mobiel in the Province of Overijssel (The Netherlands). The campaign buddies encourage their colleagues to cycle to work more often. By doing so, they save for a financial reward. Cycling Buddies is good for health, good for the environment and nice for the wallet. Kim Ruijs, project manager of the campaign: “At the time of writing already 49 companies participate, with a total of 287 participants and 102 buddies registered for the campaign. Registration is still open until 14th March 2022”.


Bike Buddies campaign

The campaign is intended for employees who, before the corona pandemic (spring 2020) and/or during the corona pandemic, have on average at least 3 days a week:

  • driven to work by car and live at least 5 km from work. They are the 'participants' and take up the challenge to switch to the bicycle, or
  • cycled to work. As a 'buddy' they will encourage motorists to cycle.

This year Twente Mobiel and Regio Zwolle Mobiel are working with an area-oriented approach, which means that the Bicycle Buddies campaign is offered to employees working at nine selected business parks in the two regions.



The duration of Bike Buddies 2022 is five months (Monday 28 February to Thursday 28 July). The financial reward is built up during the first 3 months: the cyclist can earn € 0,35 per kilometer cycled one way, whereas the buddy can earn € 1,00 per day a colleague cycles to work (with a maximum of € 4,00 per day). In the fourth and fifth months, buddies and participants will continue to use the Bike Buddies app to register bicycle rides and encourage each other to cycle as much as possible. However, in this period no financial rewards will be given, but through the app, cyclists will receive health-related feedback to keep them motivated. Kim Ruijs: “Compared to previous Bike Buddies programmes the latter aspect is new, so we are very curious to find out if the health incentive is as strong as the financial incentive”.


Bike Buddies app

Over the past two years, the Bike Buddies app has been improved and modified in order also to include the health aspects. The app is available for free, and it registers all commuter trips per bicycle:

  • Date, start and end time of each registered trip
  • Start and endpoint of each registered trip
  • Route of each registered trip
  • Average speed (in order to check that the trip is made per bicycle)
  • Status of the rewards
  • Number of calories burnt due to cycling.


Cycling employees offer many advantages for companies

For example, cyclists are sick less often than non-cyclists; On average, this saves 1 to 2 sick days per year. Cyclists are fitter and more productive. Cyclists reduce parking problems and contribute to a more sustainable company. In short, cycling pays off!