Almost 100 cycling solutions inventoried - BITS State-of-the-Art report

02 April 2020 - Published by CIE Communications

BITS aims to effectively stimulate cycling by making it safer, more comfortable and more attractive by the use of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). Therefore, it is crucial to have a good overview of the current ITS offer for cycling.

To get this overview, BITS partners teamed up and conducted extensive research on available ITS products that might be useful for the BITS project. This research resulted in the so-called State of the Art. It contains almost 100 ITS solutions for cycling, varying from infrastructure-based systems and data collection to information provision to and interaction with cyclists. The State of the Art lays the foundation for the partners in the BITS project and gives them a shared starting point of knowledge of the ITS applications available in the market. The overview is not extensive, but offers a good starting point for the project.

As the State of the Art is not only valuable for the BITS project, but could also help others that want to get started with cycling ITS, we are happy to inform you that both the report and Excel file are now openly available. The report, created under the lead of the city of Aarhus, with the help of Zwolle, Bruges, Baron mobility, East Riding and Overijssel, is available here, and the Excel file is available here. Have a look around and see what the cycling ITS market has to offer already!

An overview like this is never truly complete, so our efforts in discovering ITS solutions for cycling and uniting them are not over. We invite all stakeholders in the cycling and ITS domain to join the BITS community to meet each other, share products and share experiences. We also regularly share best practices through our online channels - read our latest one about Swarco Traffic, a system alerting drivers of cyclists ahead, or the Sensor bike that collects data about cyclists.