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ITS for traffic lights: what about speed pedelecs?

31 March 2020

The BITS-project aims to increase speed and ease of use for cyclists, as can be seen on the . Implementing smart traffic lights plays a big role in that, as they can ensure that c…

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Cycling wins prestigious Flemish Road Safety Award

12 March 2020

Cycling project wins prestigious Road Safety Award

On 10th March, at the Flemish Road Safety Congress 2020, our BITS (Bicycles and Intelligent Transport Systems) project partner Province of Ant…

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Over 80 experts from 6 countries discuss how data can make cycling safer

25 February 2020

The Province of Antwerp organized the on Wednesday 19 February 2020 at the Provinciehuis in Antwerpen hosting more than eighty government representatives and experts from…

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Allride: an innovative platform to make cycling safer for children

24 February 2020

The city of Bruges participated in the Interreg V 2 Seas ‘Smart Cities Innovation Framework’ project (SCIFI).  An EU funded project that helped us, cities, to learn about innovative procurement and d…

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BITS Advisory Group meets for the first time

21 February 2020

On 20 February 2020 three members of the Advisory Group and work package leaders of the BITS project held their first BITS Advisory Group meeting at the Provinciehuis of the Province of Antwerp. When…

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A SnifferBike to measure route usage and air pollution?

21 February 2020

On 4th December 2019, William Dogger, Alderman Mobility of the city of Zwolle (NL), mounted the first sniffer sensor on the bike of an inhabitant in Zwolle. It symbolized the kick-off of the Sni…

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Province of Antwerp BITS-pilot on 3D-camera technology nominated for the Flemish Road Safety Award

20 February 2020

The Province of Antwerp is partner in the European BITS (Bicycles and Intelligent Transport Systems) project in the North Sea Region program. The aim of the project is to increase green mobility usin…

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Cycling is one of the top 10 global technology trends for 2020 - but which cycling tech?

17 February 2020

Global consulting giant Deloitte has published its Technology, Media, and Telecommunications Predictions for 19 years, an annual insight that has become an eagerly awaited resource for the technolog…

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Monitoring cycle traffic at a distance in Apeldoorn

11 February 2020

The municipality of Apeldoorn is starting to measure bicycle traffic remotely. A so-called 'LoRa' technique is used for this, which stands for 'Long Range, Low Energy'.

The piëzo elements, inco…

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National Database Road Traffic Data (NDW) working on making bicycle data accessible

11 February 2020

Already for a while the National Database Road Traffic Data (NDW) has been working on making bicycle data accessible. Next year, the first data should become widely available.

NDW is doing this …

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