Unlocking the data potential - Better data for better planning

Event duration: 2 hours and 45 minutes
Venue: POLIS Annual Conference 2020 on 1 December 2020

The session 'Unlocking the data potential - Better data for better planning' during the POLIS Annual Conference 2020 aims to provide examples of best practices for unlocking potential of data in urban areas and to demonstrate what can be done and inspire other cities / regions.

Robin Kleine from Mobycon will join Victoire Champenois from the European Commission during the First Part of the Session to discuss the BITS project. 


Chair: Victoire Champenois, European Commission, DG MOVE

  • How data is influencing electric bus decision making in the Brussels region
    Rob Roemers, STIB/MIVB
  • Smart public transport network redesign
    Robin Goix, SYSTRA
  • How the region Of Hannover digitalises cycling
    Adi Hirzer, Bike Citizens
  • Bicycles and ITS: Making Cycling Smarter
    Robin Kleine, Mobycon
  • New data and digital tools to better understand and guide freight flows in urban regions – Examples from Île-de-France
    Pierre Launay, Région Ile-de-France
  • NXTMobility: The digital framework behind mobility solutions
    Stijn Vernaillen, City of Antwerp
  • Data is the new fuel, but what next? - UIA cities implementing innovative solutions
    Iraklis Stamos, Urban Innovative Actions Initiative

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