Measuring bike: an innovative way to evaluate cycling infrastructure

07 December 2020 - Published by CIE Communications

The City of Bruges has its cycling infrastructure systematically evaluated with the measuring bike of the Fietsersbond vzw. Over the next two years, more than 150 km of the locally functional bicycle route network will be examined.

Bruges Mayor Dirk De fauw stated: “In recent years and even decades, a lot of work has been done on cycling infrastructure in our city. However, the work is never finished. New challenges such as bicycle highways, but also and above all maintenance of existing bicycle infrastructure require our constant attention. With this measuring bike we can map the strengths and weaknesses of our cycling routes. That allows us to make appropriate decisions. "

The measurement campaign started in early November.

Operation of the measuring bike

The Fietsersbond uses the measuring bike to register the dimensions and materials of the cycling infrastructure. Based on this, scores are calculated for, among other things, the vibration comfort of bicycle paths, cycling in mixed traffic with cars and the layout of the intersections.

In this way, the City of Bruges will gain an objective view of the value, characteristics and location of the measured bicycle routes. In this way, the City can adjust future projects based on the findings and an audit with the measuring bike becomes an investment that pays for itself.

Budget for cycle paths

Alderman of Public Domain Mercedes Van Volcem stated: “During this legislature, we provide an annual budget of 500,000 euros specifically for tackling cycle paths in the context of this measuring cycle campaign. Thanks to these measurements, we have concrete information about the strengths and weaknesses of our cycle paths. In addition, we can also invest in concrete and asphalt work, road markings and mobility interventions with a different budget.”