Interreg 2 Seas SCIFI project and the Carbon 0 Commute Pilot in Bruges

16 March 2021 - Published by Matteo Candelari

The Interreg 2 Seas SCIFI project aims to activate the market for innovative solutions to improve public service delivery in medium-sized cities using open data. Delft, Mechelen, Bruges and Saint-Quentin collaborated on identifying shared challenges in mobility, energy and environment. The cities explored innovative procurement methods to work with businesses in developing data-based solutions, implementing them in living labs, and demonstrating the value of opening data.

The project has now completed six pilots in waste, cycling, de-icing, watering green spaces and air quality and there are other six taking place in parking, multimodal transport, pedestrian flow, cycling, waste management  and public ashtray maintenance.

One of the pilots in Bruges was run by the UK startup Gamification Nation. The city chose gamification to encourage behavior change and help nudge their citizens toward carbon-friendly commuting.

Gamification Nation developed a mobile application that stimulates the citizens to do their bit in their daily commute to work or school. They choose the most carbon friendly option daily and challenge a friend or colleague to do it as a team.

Would you like to know more? Watch Gamification Nation’s CEO An Coppens' insightful talk here.

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