BITS - Best practices

Here you can find examples of best Bicycles and ITS practices.

Bicycle Data wins national student prize in Germany

11 October 2021

The student project of the VLBA Department of the University of Oldenburg was a big success – also regarding its contribution to the promotion of cycling and the relating solution of e…

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BITS Project Manager Ronald Jorna on the Intertraffic ON AIR show

30 September 2021


This article has been originally published on Intertraffic website ( 

During this Intertraffic ON AIR epis…

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Two Master’s Thesis on Cycling ITS

24 September 2021

In the past few months two Master students have contacted the BITS project, because they were writing their Master thesis about cycling ITS. A short summary of both theses and download links are pres…

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Smart Pedal Pitch at Velo-city 2021: A Big Success for Smart Cycling!

23 September 2021

After a head-to-head with the two runners-up Geovelo and Mobiel 21, Onsee was announced as the winner of the Smart Pedal Pitch competition at Velo-city 2021 in Lisbon. They presented a cyclist near m…

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University of Oldenburg (VLBA) Presents Bicycle Data Website at International Conference in Italy

22 September 2021

The  BITS project (Bicycles and Intelligent Transport Systems) was recently presented at the Living and Walking in Cities LWC Conference. In his talk Johannes Schering of the VLBA department (Univers…

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Sensors Map Bicycles in Underground Bicycle Parking

21 September 2021

In the underground bicycle parking spaces of ‘’t Zand’ and the ‘Concertgebouw’, a bicycle parking system has been installed.

Using optical sensors, the number of bicycles that are left in the bicy…

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Bicycle and ITS: Cycling Apps in all Shapes and Sizes

21 September 2021

The following article is written by Ronald Jorna and Robin Kleine, Mobility Consultants, and originally published in Dutch for Mobiliteits Platform .

When you think of cycling apps, Strava…

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The Bicycle Monitor (“FietsMonitor”) helps to translate data into valuable, policy-relevant information

28 July 2021

Working with data sounds easier than it is. Different types of data are collected and stored in different ways and locations. Dutch consultancy and engineering firm Witteveen+Bos discovered that data…

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Mobilidata movie shows potential of smart cycling

27 July 2021

Providing free-flowing, safe ways of getting around is an important priority for the Flemish government. To reach that goal, they have put an ambitious program in place in Flanders. Called Mobilidata…

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Zwolle action plan allows Zwolle residents to cycle even more

22 June 2021

In 2014 Zwolle was named the best cycling city in the Netherlands. In almost no other city in the world people cycle more and more often than in Zwolle. Zwolle residents love to cycle to work, the su…

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