BITS - Best practices

Here you can find examples of best Bicycles and ITS practices.

Snifferbike in the Province of Utrecht

01 December 2020

Utrecht Region has been in the top 2 of the EU Regional Competitiveness Index[1] for several editions. The province of Utrecht has the ambition to stay one of the most competitive regions in Eu…

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Dutch government pilots technology to cut e-bike road deaths

12 November 2020

A relatively high percentage of cyclist killed in accidents in the Netherlands is riding an electric bike. In The Netherlands a pilot has been carried out near Schiphol Airport to use new I2V (Infras…

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BITS at the 18th European Week of Regions and Cities

20 October 2020

BITS hosted the session on ‘Smart cycling to meet the Green Deal target’ during the 18th European Week of Regions and Cities on Tuesday, 13th October 2020. The discussion aimed to show how the u…

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The Oldenburg Bicycle Challenge starts in Germany with a gamification app that makes cycling more attractive

14 October 2020

Within the BITS project, the Baron mobility service gmbh analyses if an app-based gamification approach nudges people to cycle more often. For the research project, the baron mobility service gmbh c…

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Could new road design at intersections lead to more bicycle traffic safety?

14 October 2020

The traffic situation at intersections is an important indicator for cycling safety assessments. As statistics by the German Bicycle Club (ADFC) or the “cycling city” of Muenster (DE) reveal, more th…

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BITS survey shows four types of cyclists: which one are you?

13 October 2020

In Spring, the BITS survey was launched on a large scale. Over 7000 inhabitants of the participating BITS cities and regions completed our survey on cycling and intelligent transport systems (ITS). …

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Bikes and ITS: Train your data reflex

08 October 2020

The following article is a contribution from Ronald Jorna and Robin Kleine as a part of their continued work with BITS EU, originally published in Dutch for MobiliteitsPlatform, and can be found

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BITS partners discuss about European cycling data

07 October 2020

In the EU funded project BITS (Bicycles and Intelligent Transport Systems) the fifth internal project meeting (Steering Group Meeting) took place at the end of September. The department of Business…

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Valuable discussions during 2nd BITS Advisory Group meeting

01 October 2020

On 25th of September the BITS Advisory Group (AG) met during an online meeting. Seven external advisors from the industry (Hermes Traffic Intelligence, ATKI A/S, Eco-counter, See.sense), a regional…

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Sniffer Bike shows interesting results about bicycle use in the Netherlands

09 September 2020

Bicycle sensor applications have a high potential to receive new knowledge about cyclists’ behaviors and preferences. Therefore, more and more cities in Europe started to provide bicycle sensor syste…

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