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Bicycles and ITS (BITS) - A new multi stakeholder project on Bicycle and ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) aiming to reduce CO2 emissions by 9% and increase bicycle use by 10% within target groups! Under the BITS project ten partners from top cycling countries (NL, DK, BE) or those about to become (UK, DE) came together in a consortium to raise awareness of best practices of “Smart Cycling”, and to provide implementers with ready-to-use information and evidence from different regions. This project is believed to be the only one of its kind in the world. The BITS project, co-funded by the North Sea Region (NSR) Programme, has a budget of 5 million of euros over 3 years (2019 to 2022). For more information, please check the about page.

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To really take Smart Cycling and the use of cycling data to the next level, we are convinced that it is crucial to connect existing stakeholders and benefit from each other’s experiences, products and data. Therefore, we would like to invite you to join the BITS community – an active network of policy makers, businesses and anybody who is interested in cycling ITS and/or cycling data. The BITS community will be closely involved in the project and will be invited to BITS events, where they can meet other members of the community.

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Latest Project News

The Cycle Barometer of the Province of Antwerp celebrated its 5th birthday

27 May 2022

On 30th of March 2022 we raised a glass on our 5th birthday, with two years delay due to the corona crisis. Local administrations, technical and…

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MicroTraffic nominated for the National Road Safety Award in The Netherlands

27 May 2022

By Ronald Jorna

Road Safety Award

Early 2022, 30 road safety ideas were submitted for the National Road Safety Award 2022 in The Netherl…

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Oldenburg site visit takes a closer look to Smart Cycling Innovations in Northwestern Germany

27 May 2022

By Johannes Schering, Zora Becker, Janika Hintzsche & Roland Hentschel 

Although we get used to online meetings in the past years and its pot…

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Launch of the First Smart Cycling Directory

19 April 2022

Cycling's Digital Revolution Captured<><>Wednesday 28 April, 4PM C…

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Lessons learned from the Cycle Data Hub and Bicycle Data

06 April 2022

By Griet Vanwynsberghe & Julie Tieberghien (VIVES University College)

Within the scope of the BITS project, two platforms focusing on shar…

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