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The potential of hydrochar for soil improvement and carbon sequestration

The work on a complex study on the use of diverse digestates from biogas plants operated with different mixtures of biomasses as source for hydro-biochars for soil improvement and carbon-storage in different soils has been successfully finalised. The related PhD research and processes has been finalised by, April, 30th 2021 and subsequently, PhD candidate Megan de Jager was awarded a PhD


Extracting activity

Signe H. Ptak, Massimiliano Errico & Knud V.Christensen Extracting activity patterns: Exploratory data analysis on a fucoidan extract data set with mixed variables
A paper about the applications of seaweed.


Treatment of Manure and digestate liquid fractions using membranes; opportunities and challenges
Maria Salud Camilleri-Rumbau,Kelly Briceño, Lene Fjerbæk Søtoft, Knud Villy Christensen, Maria Cinta Roda-Serrat, Massimiliano Errico & Birgir Norddahl   Treatment of Manure and Digestate Liquid Fractions Using Membranes: Opportunities and Challenges


Flax for use in composites
Jana De Prez, Aart Willem van Vuure, Jan Iven, Guido Aerts & Ilse van de Voorde Enzymatic treatment of flax for use in composites