Bioeconomy in practice - biogas with new perspectives

Bioeconomy in practice - biogas with new perspectives

In Lower Saxony, biogas plants currently have a share of around 18% in electricity generation from renewable energies. Biogas can support the implementation of the energy transition, particularly with the coupling of the electricity, heat and mobility sectors, which will be more necessary in the future. Climate protection and nutrient management are central tasks for agriculture. The integration of biogas plants as a system service provider offers solutions for this.

The upcoming amendment to the EEG as well as the opening up of the fuel market and the implementation of the Renewable Energy Sources Directive (RED II) from 2021 open up new perspectives, but also require action. The aim is to achieve greater diversification of the input materials and, in particular, the increased use of manure in biogas plants. Many biogas plants are therefore facing a realignment. But how can this be achieved in practice? What legal and technical issues need to be resolved?
To this end, the 3N Competence Center Lower Saxony Network for Renewable Raw Materials and Bioeconomy and the Heidekreis district want to show perspectives for setting up biogas plants for the future.

Against the background of the changed situation, the has been carried out exclusively as an online event. The originally planned opportunity to see processing techniques in action in the morning is no longer available. Instead, the units will be presented in video clips after the lecture block (see program).

All presentations and videos can be seen on the 3N website: