BEGIN Network meet in Aberdeen to boost Climate Adaptation

03 November 2017 - Published by Ellen Kelder
Sixteen organisations from 6 EU countries met in Aberdeen this month, to share their experiences and discuss social innovation climate adaptation solutions.

Sixteen organisations from Belgium, Germany, Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and The Netherlands met at Aberdeen’s Beach Ballroom and Town Hall on October 17th, to update the BEGIN network and nurture meaningful collaborations across European cities.

The BEGIN partners visited the Scatterburn Flood Alleviation Scheme project to witness a good example of climate adaptation efforts. The project provided some valuable insight into how green infrastructure can improve liveability of cities. The BEGIN partners also participated in City2City learning, Social Innovation and upscaling workshops.


The meeting proved to be an excellent example of transnational collaboration and it was a real privilege to welcome such a fantastic party of people to our city

Aberdeen City Council flooding spokesperson Councillor Jennifer Stewart


Other regional guests, including the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, Aberdeenshire Council, Moray Council and Dee Catchment Partnership also attended the meeting to evaluate how the successful pilots could be upscaled across Scotland.


The BEGIN pilot projects can play an active role in the local community. Local citizens, entrepreneurs and social institutions are collaborating in the creation and maintenance of these BGI solutions that will allow cities to improve their resilience to climate related disasters, such as extreme weather and flooding. Moreover, the installation of BGI, such as parks, green corridors and canals, will make cities more liveable and beautiful.