A new future for Ghent viaduct B401 - close to BEGIN pilot site

28 November 2017

The City of Ghent, Belgium, has appointed a study team that will carry out an exploratory spatial research regarding future use of the Viaduct B401.

The viaduct, located near to green axe 4 of t…

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BEGIN Network meet in Aberdeen to boost Climate Adaptation

03 November 2017

Sixteen organisations from 6 EU countries met in Aberdeen this month, to share their experiences and discuss social innovation climate adaptation solutions.

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Dordrecht inspires with climate adaptation pilots

16 October 2017

On September 28, 2017 Dordrecht hosted the national City Deal Climate Adaptation meeting. The City Deal is a Dutch collaboration between fourteen public and twelve (semi) private partners, both compa…

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BEGIN cases presented at TRANSIT Social Innovation Final Conference

29 September 2017

Attendees of a fully booked workshop at the were presented with the BEGIN project. Social innovation experts from the  facilita…

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Leading Water Management Author supports the BEGIN project

21 August 2017

Dr. Liz Sharp, author of Reconnecting People with Watersenior lecturer at the University of Sheffield, has stated her enthusiasm towards the BEGIN project.  


“One of the e…

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Policy- and decision-makers acknowledge the economic benefits of Blue Green Infrastructures

12 July 2017

The project (Planning for Environment and Resource efficiency in European Cities and Towns) has released survey results on policy and decision-makers' awareness of the economic benefits of …

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BEGIN partners and the Steering Committee meet in Gothenburg

26 June 2017

14th June, 2017 -  The first Steering Committee meeting of the BEGIN project took place in Gothenburg, joining forces with the 2017 “” conference. The Steering Committee …

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BEGIN was presented at the NKWK Climate Resistant City project tour

26 June 2017

On May 18, 2017 the fourth project visit of the (NKWK-CRC) project tour took place in . There were about a hundred participants and members of the local press…

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BEGIN and the Dutch City Deal Climate Adaptation

26 June 2017

Dordrecht is the initiator and lead partner of the Interreg BEGIN project. Dordrecht is also one of the participants in the Dutch ''. There is an overlap in topics an…

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