Jubilee park (Jubileumsparken) in Gothenburg

Jubilee Park (Jubileumsparken) in Gothenburg

Jubilee Park is the new city park in Gothenburg, located just by the water.

The nose in the mud pilot project, part of Jubilee Park, has been growing each year since the start of its development in 2014. Gothenburg's citizens came up with the idea for the park to celebrate the city's 400th anniversary in 2021. In the park, you can find a sauna, swimming pool, saltwater bath, roller derby course and a booth for exchanging books, to name a few.


The pilot project The nose in the mud, like other buildings in Jubilee Park, has been built together with the public. More than 100 people were engaged in collaborative construction workshops with architects Recetas Urbanas. Together they nailed, sawed and screwed - forming a new meeting place. Everyone, regardless of their age and level of knowledge, has been able to participate and build.

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The nose in the mud is both an outdoor classroom and a playground, focusing on water. Here, all ages can explore the wonder of water, how it feels, flows and disappears. It is also possible to climb, run or rest in the weather protection. The outdoor classroom is a destination for everyone and can be used by schools and preschools for teaching. 

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One of the several themes of the city's 400th anniversary is to become the best city in the world when it's raining. Get inspired by the Rain Gothenburg project and see how the city analyses different stormwater solutions.

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