Aberdeen - Kincorth Sustainable Drainage and Maidencraig Natural Flood Management Master Plan

Phase 1 Pilot Project – Maidencraig Natural Flood Management Master Plan

The Maidencraig Natural Flood Management Master Plan is the Phase 1 Pilot Project and consists of multiple blue-green infrastructure (BGI) schemes across the Summerhill area of Aberdeen.  These will be interlinked by the Denburn watercourse, which is an important watercourse in Aberdeen in terms of controlling flood risk to properties.


Figure 1: Maidencraig Natural Flood Management Master Plan

The scheme to be located furthest upstream on the Denburn is the Maidencraig Flood Management Wetland Scheme.  This seeks to alleviate flood risk downstream by storing large volumes of water at low return periods and to enhance the site for the public and environment with close consultation with an adjacent housing developer and the committee of an adjacent nature reserve.  A “Safe Route to School” footpath through the centre of the site will improve links between communities and access to the nature reserve, whilst other opportunities are being considered that could improve the site and nearby nature reserve further.  Posters explaining the scheme and areas for enhancement are to be erected onsite prior to construction and a number of engagement sessions are to be held with the public.


Figure 2: Hydrological Modelling of the Maidencraig Flood Management Wetland Scheme

Downstream of this, a miniature wetland is intended to be constructed in Stronsay Park.  The wetland would attenuate water intercepted from a swale to be constructed on Stronsay Drive, which itself will intercept surface water runoff from a new housing development.  Together, the miniature wetland and swale would form the “Summerhill Swale and Miniature Wetland” scheme.

Also discharging into the miniature wetland would be a scheme that is aimed to be constructed at Fernielea School: the “Fernielea School SuDS Scheme”.  This would comprise a retro-fitted SUDS scheme with educational features for children.  The school currently experiences flooding on a low return period, which the scheme would aim to mitigate.

Phase 2 Pilot Project – Kincorth Sustainable Drainage Project

The Phase 2 Pilot Project is the Kincorth Sustainable Drainage Project.  This seeks to reduce flood risk in a residential area shown in Figure 3 by redirecting surface water into blue-green infrastructure features and away from the existing overcapacity combined sewer system, the failure of which is currently the cause of flooding incidents within the area.  It is aimed to engage the community, run test designs within the area to inform wider design and include the use of native species within design to enhance biodiversity.


Figure 3: Site of Proposed Kincorth Sustainable Drainage Project