IHE Delft Institute for Water Education

Key expertise for BEGIN

  • Facilitate transnational exchange through City-to-City learning programme 
  • Advice for the case study demonstration of the Benefits of SuDS Tool (BeST), and how to take account of and act upon future uncertainties that influence the benefits
  • Knowledge advice for the case study demonstration in Dordrecht, also in relation to the wider policy agenda (e.g. climate adaptation and spatial vision / plan)

Partner background

The core activities of IHE Delft are:


IHE Delft offers a wide range of flexible, high quality, specialized educational programmes to respond to the needs of diverse clients from the water sector.

Research & Innovation

With over 110 academic staff, 140 PhD fellows and 25 post-docs active in water-related, problem-focused and solution oriented research on development issues, IHE Delft has a vibrant multicultural and multidisciplinary research atmosphere.

Capacity Development

IHE Delft strives to strengthen the programmes of universities and research institutes as well as the knowledge and capacity base of ministries and other water sector organizations.