Erasmus University of Rotterdam (EUR)

Key expertise for BEGIN cities


The Erasmus University of Rotterdam proposes support to BEGIN cities:

  • Identify governance strategies & tools for social innovation.
  • Provide assessments: what is the context, what are the starting conditions for social innovation?
  • Reflection upon social innovation process during the project (monitoring, interviews, observations).
  • Provide assessment of results: per-implementation review.
  • Evaluation of innovation process and outcomes (effects).

Partner background

Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) is a world renowned university located in the east of the city. Named after the famous 15th Century theologician and scholar Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus, while the university can trace its origins back to 1913 when the Netherlands School of Commerce was founded, Erasmus University Rotterdam as it is known now was formed in 1973.

The Erasmus University Rotterdam intends to become one of the most sustainable Dutch universities. Some ambition. The realization of this ambition will come one step closer thanks to the Erasmus Sustainability Hub (ESH), soon be opened. The hub is to bring together all university initiatives regarding energy, sustainability, community work and environment. ESH, too, has plenty of ambition: one of its aims is to actively involve as many students as possible in creating a green(er) university.