City of Bradford

Project vision

The city of Bradford is part of the BEGIN project because they want to help deliver a vision for blue green infrastructure in the Bradford District by:

  • Retaining, creating and enhancing habitats and multi functional space.
  • Building resilience to climate change and promoting sustainable design.
  • Recognising the importance of connected natural green space and the local need for open space.
  • Valuing the landscape, heritage and local distinctiveness with regard to amenity especially in the urban core.
  • Creating a series of vibrant new sustainable neighbourhoods comprising high quality homes with local employment opportunities for residents.

Partner background

Sitting within the eastern foothills of the Pennines in northern England the Bradford District comprises a mixture of dense urban development, local townships, and historic industrial and varied rural landscapes.

Having a population of over 500,000 with an economy worth £9.2 billion (€10.8 billion) that is set to grow 25% in the next 10 years, and with more than 124 000 people aged under 16, it is the youngest city in the country.

The City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council’s vision is to be “a prosperous, creative, diverse, inclusive place where people are proud of their shared values and identity, and work together to secure this vision for future generations”.

The Council will take a creative multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach to integrate new BGI and social innovation having been a partner in previous European funded projects (FloodResilienCity, SKINT, UWC and NORIS) which considered:

  • Methods to develop urban areas integrating the worlds of spatial planning, flood risk and water management and to encourage the implementation of innovative technical and sustainable solutions.
  • Developing these solutions using approaches that are relevant to managing changing risks and adapting to the impacts of climate change within many aspects of the built, natural, water and social environments.