From Farmer to Farmer - Interviews

For our Farmer to Farmer - Interviews in the BEESPOKE magazine we interviewed farmers who established BEESPOKE seed mixes or implemented other pollinator friendly measures.

The farmers give insight into their work and share their experiences how they support pollinators so that farmers across the North Sea Region can learn from each other and inspire each other.

A look behind the scenes at the bee-friendly farm “The Land of Milk and Honey”

Interview with Johan Bousseamaere from Nieuwkapelle, Belgium 


© Inagro

How the Hosford Brothers Promote Pollinators

Interview with George and Dougal Hosford from the Traveller’s Rest Farm, Dorset (England)


© George Hosford

Supporting Pollinators in the Grassland of the Marshlands

Interview with Nils von Deetzen from Jade in Lower Saxony, Germany


© Nils von Deetzen