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Guides & Tutorials

One aim of BEESPOKE is to develop farmer friendly methods for measuring their own pollination and levels of pollinators and to improve pollination by establishing bespoke wildflower areas. To support these activities as well as general biodiversity we developed several guides and video tutorials.

Monitoring Pollination & Pollinators

By monitoring the numbers and diversity of pollinators you can gain valuable insight in the relationship between crop yield and pollination (potential pollination deficit). Thereby evidence can be provided to what extent the wildflower margins are benefitting crop pollination. With our guides you can learn how to estimate your pollination potential, how to conduct pollinator monitoring and how to identify solitary bees and bumblebees.

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Supporting Pollinators & Biodiversity

If you want to take action for pollinators and general biodiversity on your land, the following guides are developed to support you with your efforts. Learn how to establish and maintain a perennial wildflower area, how other habitats can help biodiversity or how to build a nesting possibility for solitary bees.


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Work of the Ghent University

Pollination Maps for Agriculture (Tool 1)          The Added Value of Flower Strips (Tool 2)

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