Guides, evaluation tools & other publications

The project was established to develop new expertise and tools for land managers and policy makers so that they can improve levels of pollinators and crop pollination, thereby creating more sustainable and resilient agroecosystems.

Over the years the project developed a range of different guides, tutorials and recommendations to provide farmer friendly methods for measuring their own pollination and levels of pollinators to improve management.

To support these activities as well as overall farmland biodiversity we provide the following guides, recommendations and video tutorials (available in different languages):

Monitoring Pollinators

Estimating Pollination Potential

Selecting Seed Mixes

Establishing Perennial Wildflower Areas

Supporting Pollinators & Farmland Biodiversity

Insect biodiversity assessments in the Frisian clay area: flower strips, landscape elements, crops

Policy recommendations

Video Tutorials


Publications & further reading

The SLU Evalution Toolobox