Webinar - Promoting Pollination, 23 Feburary 2022

Having optimum crop pollination is essential to ensure maximum yield and quality is achieved. It is therefore essential to know about the present pollination and if needed, how to improve it. One of the most effective actions is to establish wildflower strips.
One of the main focusses of the BEESPOKE project is to provide guidance on what to sow and how to establish and manage the habitat.
With this webinar we would like to share our knowledge how to best promote the pollination of crops by wild pollinators. Our international project partners will discuss the importance of pollination, introduce our upcoming web application which predicts the pollination of different crops and how to successfully establish your own wildflower strips.
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00:00 – 09:15 
Welcome by John Holland, Game & Wildlife Trust (UK)
Introducing the BEESPOKE project and the need for pollination 
09:15 – 51:14 
Modelling free pollination services of wild bees, Ivan Meus, Gent University (BE)
Introducing the new web application that calculates the relative pollination service of wild bees for different crops – How does it work? How can stakeholders apply the information? 
51:14 - 90:54
Being successful with wildflower strips, Jojanneke Bijkerk, Cruydt Hoek -Wildflower Seeds (NL)
Dos and don’ts for the sowing and management of durable and effective flower rich (perennial) flower strips 


Find the PowerPoint presentations of Jojanneke & Ivan here:

Jojanneke Bijkerk: Establishment and Management of BEESPOKE Seed Mixes

Ivan Meeus: Modelling Free Pollination Service of Wild Bees (BEESPOKE Webtool)