7 may 2020 / BEESPOKE demo area Mielenbos, creating more suitable habitats for natural pollinators.

Venue: Mielenbos, Belgium
In the Belgium BEESPOKE demo area Mielenbos, the Flemish Land Agency is working with farmers to create more suitable habitats for natural pollinators. In this demo area many farmers specialize in fruit growing (pear, apple, sweet cherry).
These pictures were taken at Hugo Jacobs' organic farm and show how the farmer sows the strips between the rows of trees with a special flower mixture for early spring pollinators. The weeks before sowing, the strips were worked several times with the rotor wedge to remove the existing vegetation and prepare the soil. Just before sowing, this operation was repeated once more (because of the dry top layer). Sowing is done by hand and in the area between the tractor tracks (90cm). Finally, a field roller is used to prevent the soil from drying out. Copyright pictures: Nature-ID/Maarten Jacobs. #Interreg #NorthSeaRegion #NSR
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