University of Oldenburg



Which are the organisation's thematic competences and experiences relevant for the project?

The University of Oldenburg (UOL) has set up the e-Maritime Integrated Reference Platform(eMIR) as a platform for the development, verification, validation and demonstration of new e-Navigation solutions and highly automated / autonomous maritime systems. Seamless integration of CPS into the testbed as well as the communication between maritime systems is a main part of UOL. Further, UOLworks on the integration and development of services for the MCP as a platformfor information exchange.


What is the benefit for the organisation from participating in the project?

The University of Oldenburg expects the participation in the project to evaluate the eMIR infrastructure in the context of inland navigation (in the form of a Control Center). Furthermore, the application use of the MCP will be extended to inland navigation. Inland navigation offers great potential for supporting automated services (like e.g. registration of goods or arrivals, process automation, ..), and the proximity to the coastline means that these services can be handled via the 4G network.


What is the main role in the project?

UOL is responsible for the shore to ship coordination and communication. In that part the UOL will set up a Control Center for remote control tasks and additional services within the MCP to support and automatize shore-based (registration and planning) processes. In WP5 UOL will contributed their experiences in system validation, verification and testing by providing their test infrastructure and support the project with relevant and safety critical scenarios (scenario-based testing).


AVATAR contact details

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