Interview LIHH in DVZ Deutsche Verkehrs-Zeit

28 September 2021 - Published by Tom Pauwels
AVATAR project partner Logistik-Initiative Hamburg was recently interviewed by DVZ Deutsche Verkehrs-Zeitung about the AVATAR Interreg North Sea Region Project and gave some insights about the project focus and the roadmap for pilot tests.

Feel free to contact Thomas Brauner (tb@hamburg-logistik.netabout the content of the article!
By the way, the picture in the article shows the "Green Wave", one of the city ships with which Peter Geirnaert (peter.geirnaert@hotmail.com) from the project partner Opleidingscentrum voor Hout en Bouw is already conducting #IWTS2.0 tests in Ghent, Belgium. The ships of the AVATAR project are expected to be ready for pilot tests in 2022.
The article (paywall, in German) is available here: https://lnkd.in/e5aXqjCZ